I Believe That We All Fall Down Sometimes
Hey there! I'm Kelly, 17, New Jersey. Black Veil Brides are my favorite band, they inspire me every day. I'm a partial-vocalist and the lead guitarist of a recently-formed band called Axis Chemicals. Yes, that would be a Batman reference ;) He and Spider-man are both equally my favorite superhero, l do like most other superheroes though. Charmander is the best Pokémon, although I can't deny that Pikachu is adorable. :D I might have a slight obsession with vampires. I shall become one someday. As you could probably tell, I happen to enjoy movies and tv shows quite a lot, so I also like doing things involving filming.Also, if you ever have a problem involving bullying, I know how that feels (I have been there many times before)and I’ll be there for you if you need me to be. <3 This is very long now and most likely no one has read this anyway, so that’s all I have to say.
:p #mulan #mushu #mingnawen #leasolonga #eddiemurphy
  1. :p #mulan #mushu #mingnawen #leasolonga #eddiemurphy

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